Welcome to Adventures in Meditating.

The original writings and drawings collected here aim to expose the practice and culture of mindfulness in all its glory. We happen to have found that glory to becomposed of equal parts mess, joy, heartbreak and exhilaration. Living in the present moment, after all, with real present moment awareness, can very often feel like walking up a hill backwards in shoes made out of watermelons.

Let’s face it: Once you make the decision to take up a mindful attitude with your whole heart, you’ve still got to go forth and actually use that attitude out there on the face of the Earth. And the Earth’s face is awfully slippery.

As we shuffle and slouch our way towards nirvana,we’re going to do so in as secular a manner as possible. This is not to say that we have anything against the Buddha or his buddies or their many wonderful teachings.  Instead, we like to think there’s a bracing dose of enlightenment out there for everyone, even those folks who think religion is strictly for the outer quadrants.

We hope Adventures in Meditating can become a destination where people from all walks of life can go to have their ideas about what mindfulness is, can be, and should never be dissected with blunt instruments, in ways both wholesome and fulsome, in ways both fair and foul, via turns of phrase that you’ll feel compelled to inscribe on the mug from which you sip your whiskey.

Poke around, comment freely, and never forget: Meditation is bloodsport.  Turn your back on it at your own peril.

Onward and onward!

Sincerely, Jonny Sava and M. Mercy

Jonathan Roberts and Gabriel McElwain founded Adventures in Meditating in 2012, and operate it as Jonny Sava and M. Mercy, respectively, and respectfully, if not always respectably. Jon writes the words. Gabe draws the pictures, and edits Jon’s text with the precision of a jeweler, and the unsparing rigor of a thresher.

About Jon: When not romping about the internet, Jon can be found overseeing the mindfulness program at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a New England based-insurer ranked the #1 health plan in America for 10 years running by the National Committee for Quality Insurance and U.S. News and World Report. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey with his wife and pet zafu.

About Gabe: Gabe lives in the gentle Midwest with his family.  He works a desk job.  In his leisure time, he enjoys hobbies.